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Danisco Expertise Backs Probiotic Documentary - 2/21/11 (click to download pdf)

Landmark Documentary Film Available at Whole Foods Market Stores - 2/14/11 (click to download pdf)

Dannon to Support New Documentary on Probiotics - 7/14/10 (click to download pdf)

Institut Rosell-Lallemand Supports the First Comprehensive Documentary on Probiotics - 1/31/11 (click to download pdf)

Landmark Documentary on Probiotics Features Chr. Hansen - 2/4/11 (click to download pdf)

“First Documentary on Probiotics Released January 2011”
Los Angeles, CA, 1-Jan-2011

Los Angeles, CA – You’ve seen the commercials on television, you’ve read the articles in newspapers, and perhaps you’ve even considered trying them yourself.

Every day, millions of people all over the world are consuming probiotics in the form of capsules, pills, powders, and in foods and beverages. But what exactly are they and how do they benefit us? Despite probiotics enormous popularity, few people are properly educated, and many myths still surround them.

This groundbreaking film takes you “inside the world” of these beneficial bacteria. Viewers will learn everything about probiotics, starting with their discovery in the early 20th century, to how they’re tested and produced, plus the latest scientific research from some of the top probiotic experts in the world. They will answer many of your most common questions:

• How effective are probiotics for digestive health?

• Can probiotics support your immune system and lessen allergy symptoms?

• Are all probiotic strains equally beneficial?

• How safe are probiotics for infants and children?

• Can probiotics help maintain your weight and prevent obesity?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and many others in this landmark documentary.

Microwarriors does a fantastic job at translating a large amount of complex science into a clear and compelling story.”
--Eamonn Quigley, M.D., President, World Gastroenterology Organization

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact David Knight at 818-788-4905 or email him at

Recent Articles

Probiotics Documentary Reaches Out to Health Professionals - 2/21/11 (click to view web page)
New Documentary Details the History and Benefits of Probiotics (click to view web page)
By Lee Swanson, 10-February-2011
Related topics: Probiotics, Beneficial Bacteria, Probiotic Foods and Supplements

When most of us hear the word bacteria, we respond negatively. From a very young age we were taught that bacteria make us sick and we must be vigilant to wipe them out. That’s an unfortunate perception, because bacteria—the oldest and most resilient organisms on earth—have as much power to help us as to harm us.

It’s time for a new understanding. That’s why my friend David Knight teamed up with award-winning documentary producer Ron Frank to create the first documentary on probiotics. Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics does a fantastic job of taking us “inside” the world of these beneficial bacteria in an entertaining, visually exciting film.

When David first told me about the film I was cautious—after all, how exciting can the science of beneficial bacteria be? But I must say I am very impressed with this documentary. I can imagine turning on the Discovery Channel or PBS and seeing it in prime time. It’s a very engaging, well-produced movie.

In Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics, we learn about the discovery of beneficial bacteria, the roles they play within our bodies, how they are produced and tested, and what the latest research says about their potential to improve our lives. Interviews with leading worldwide experts are presented in terms everyone can understand and the movie does a great job, as one reviewer put it, of “translating a large amount of complex science into a clear and compelling story.”

Check out the trailer and purchase your own copy of this landmark documentary at (I realize this blog post sounds a lot like an advertisement; but honestly, it’s a very good film produced by my good friend David, and it deserves our support.)

Once you see this film you’ll understand why probiotics are popping up all over the place. From highly visible functional foods like Activia® yogurt to boundary-breaking innovations like Naked Pizza and of course, our own line of Swanson Probiotics and other supplements, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of these beneficial bugs. I take my own blend every day.

Have you tried Activia® or other probiotic-rich foods? What about supplements? Share your experience in the comment section and spread the word about Microwarriors, the movie, to your friends and loved ones. Let’s help raise awareness and encourage others to embrace beneficial bacteria as powerful allies in the quest for optimum health.

“Animated Movie Brings Probiotics to Life for the Masses”

By Lorraine Heller, 19-Aug-2010
Related topics: Probiotics, Industry, Probiotics and prebiotics, Gut health, Immune system

Leading players in the probiotics industry have offered their support to an independently produced documentary on the ingredients, which aims to educate consumers about their health benefits and dispel common misconceptions.

The movie, which will launch this fall, has already garnered sponsorship from the likes of Dannon, P&G, Danisco, Chr Hansen and Lallemand.

The producers – who stress that they have “100 percent creative control” of the documentary, which will remain “rigorously objective” – said the movie will be the first of its kind to bring information on probiotics to the masses, with visually engaging graphics and animation.

Created as a collaboration by Health Point Productions and the producer Ron Frank, Microwarriors will cover topics such as the discovery of probiotics, the science behind the ingredients, how they are produced and what lies in the future for probiotics.

Reach and promotion

The goal is to provide the documentary to TV stations around the world, and to make the DVD available together with product sales at points of purchase in health food stores and even doctors’ offices.

David Knight, executive producer at Health Point Productions, said the movie will equally benefit all firms involved in marketing probiotics by educating the population about the ingredients. However, those firms that provide sponsorship will also be able to use the documentary in their marketing and promotion to improve general brand awareness. This could also be a possibility even without sponsorship, said Knight, via some kind of licensing agreement.

Mass education

“It’s an opportunity to explain to consumers in a more detailed and visual way how probiotics are produced, how they find their way into finished products and for them to better understand some of the health benefits they can offer,” explained Brian Peeters from Chr Hansen.

“Although consumer awareness of probiotics has come forward in leaps and bounds over the last decade due to the impressive education efforts from companies like Dannon and Yakult, there is still a long way to go,” he said. “You need this type of effort to really reach the masses. It’s a great tool to fill the awareness gap.”

Key in animation

“A key aspect of the documentary will be its animated graphics to sustain people’s interest and ensure that the documentary is not too dry or technical,” Knight told “That’s one of the most important parts of the film, we’ll really be illustrating what’s going on in the human body.”

Knight, who has already published a number of books on probiotics, said he came up with the idea for the documentary after receiving repeated questions from consumers on the ingredients. “We got so many questions from people from the books – simple things that showed there was a lot of confusion out there.” The two primary misconceptions he hopes the film will help address are that probiotics are not effective, and that all strains are similar.

The movie will include interviews with leading international probiotics experts, as well as shots from the production process in both ingredient manufacturing facilities and finished food firms. Over 70 percent of the filming has already been completed, but work is still continuing on the graphics. For this reason, Knight said that additional sponsorships are still welcome, as this is one of the most important but expensive parts of the movie and the producers are keen to maximise it.

Companies interested in more information on the documentary, or in becoming sponsors, can find more information via Health Point Productions.

“Probiotics to Star in New TV Documentary Series”
By Mike Stones, 26-Oct-2009
Related topics: Probiotics, Industry, Probiotics and prebiotics, Gut health, Immune system

Probiotics are to take centre stage in a new series of TV documentaries, the first of which will be screened next Fall on major TV channels in the United States, including Public Service Broadcasting outlets, National Geographic and Discovery, along with European and Asian networks.

The first documentary, Microwarriors: The Power of Probiotics, will aim to educate consumers and healthcare professionals, the series’ executive producer David Knight told “There’s a lot of confusion about probiotics and we are on an educational mission,” he said. “We aim to tell people what they are and how they work with advanced animation graphics. But this won’t be a stiff science show – as well as being educational it will also be engaging and entertaining.”

Health and well-being

“The film will be the most comprehensive, complete and up-to-date film ever produced on probiotics and their contribution to overall health and well-being,” Knight said. It will feature interviews with leading scientific and medical experts such as microbiologist Dr Lynne McFarland, and Dr Eamonn Quigley, president of the World Gastroenterology Organization. Also included will be the personal testimony of patients who have benefited from probiotics, plus explanations of their mode of action and the global regulatory environment.

Knight also includes healthcare professionals as part of the documentaries’ target audience. “There’s lots of scepticism about how effective probiotics are among health care professionals such as gastroenterologists. We want to provide the education to help them keep more of an open mind.”

Although the series is receiving funding from industry, Knight said the programs would be rigorously independent. “We have explained to our sponsors that the goal is educational, not promoting a particular brand.”

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) has pledged an undisclosed sponsorship sum and consultative advice. Its director general Ioannis Misopoulos, told “Probiotics have had a slow start in some places. This documentary will provide solid and good information about probiotics and correct the myths surrounding them.”

Health claims

Misopoulos also hoped the documentary would help to restore probiotics’s reputation following the EU scientists’ rejection of 181 out of 181 mostly gut-related probiotic health claim applications. Also Danone’s U.S. arm, Dannon, agreed recently to modify its health claims and pay $35 million to disgruntled consumers after settling a class action that challenged its claims out of court.

Microwarriors will be produced by Health Point Productions in conjunction with Ron Frank of Ron Frank Productions. “Funding for the project is half completed and sponsorship opportunities are still available,” said Knight.

Meanwhile, probiotics are the biggest selling functional foods in the world. Global sales, including dietary supplements and ingredients, are expected to reach $19.8 billion within four years, according to BCC Research.